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Alike and Different

by Bonnie Neugebauer
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Explore with children the unique qualities that make us individuals, considering differences of physical and intellectual ability, economic situation, cultural heritage, sex, and age.

by Carol Brunson Phillips


Chapter One - Beginning

"It Isn't Fair!" - Anti-Bias Curriculum for Young Children
by Louise Derman-Sparks

Talking About Differences Kids Notice
by Elizabeth Crary

"Where Do We Begin?" - Bringing the World into Your Classroom
by Bonnie Neugebauer


Chapter Two - Meeting the Needs of All Children

Obstacle Courses Are for Every Body
by Carol Stock Kranowitz

Helping Whole Children Grow - Non-Sexist Childrearing for Infants and Toddlers
by Judith Leipzig

Lost in a Distant Land - The Foreign Child's Dilemma in Child Care
by Athol B. Packer, Sharon C. Milner, and Marion H. Hong

Guidelines for Helping Non-English Speaking Children Adjust and Communicate
by Karen Miller

Recognizing Giftedness in Early Childhood Settings
by Donna Garnett Chitwood

Exploring Diversity Through the Arts
interviews with Jimena Lasansky and Richard Lewis by Susan Epeneter, interview with Bob Blue by Candace Chang


Chapter Three - Staffing with Diversity

Honoring Diversity - Problems and Possibilities for Staff and Organization
by Margie Carter

Are You a Dad AND a Teacher? - Fathering a Year Long Curriculum
by Cory Gann and Sharon Stine


Chapter Four - Learning from Parents

Tossed Salad Is Terrific - Values of Multicultural Programs for Children and Families
by Janet Brown McCracken

Building Positive Images - Interracial Children and Their Families
by Francis Wardle

Parenting a Child with Special Needs - an interview with Meg Robinson


Chapter Five - Living in a Changing World

The Impact of Current Changes in Social Structure on Early Childhood Education Programs
by Gail Raymond and Dean K. McIntosh

Children Are Caught - Between Home and School, Culture and School
by Betsy West


Chapter Six - Considering Our Resources

What Are We Really Saying to Children? - Criteria for the Selection of Books and Materials
by Bonnie Neugebauer

Reflecting Diversity - Books to Read with Young Children
by Bonnie Neugebauer

Within Your Reach - Resources on Diversity

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