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More Than Numbers: Mathematical Thinking in the Early Years

by Dennie Palmer Wolf and Bonnie Neugebauer
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A must-have resource for presenting mathematics to young children as a way of thinking through practical, hands-on experiences. This inspiring collection offers you a wealth of powerful insights and ideas.

One, Two, Three...A Lot - Getting a Deep Understanding of Numbers
by Marguerita Rudolph

A Toddler's Two
by Erin Phelps

Number: Part of a Larger Logic - an interview with Constance Kamii
by Dennie Palmer Wolf

Beyond "1, 2, 3..." - Computers and Mathematical Thinking
by Douglas H. Clements

Jackson Builds: Making Mathematics Happen - based on an interview and observation with Martha Davis Perry and her son Jackson Perry
by Dennie Palmer Wolf

Idea Sparkers: - Small But Powerful Ways to Teach Mathematical Thinking
by Virginia Haugen and Bonnie Neugebauer

Numbers, Numbers Everywhere: Make Your Child Aware - a handout for parents
by Virginia Haugen

Mollie, Barney, Stuart, and I: The Social and Emotional Side of Numbers - an interview with Vivian Gussin Paley
by Dennie Palmer Wolf

Back to the Past: Roots of Mathematical Thinking - comments from mathematicians

Math Milestones: Abilities in Children of Different Ages
by Suzanne McWhorter Colvin

Preserving the Sanctity of Childhood: Numeracy, Morality, and the High-Tech Bullies
by Keith Jefferson

Insights on Mathematical Learning
collected by Regina Brown

Help's at Hand! Resources for Math Activities
by Karen Stephens

Countdown to a Climate for Early Mathematical Learning - a checklist for teachers

ISBN: 0-942702-19-0

More Than Numbers: Mathematical Thinking in the Early Years